Husqvarna Graphics Redefined: The Top 5 Designs Setting the Trend in 2023


In the ever-evolving world of motocross and dirt biking, aesthetics play a crucial role in capturing the attention of riders and fans alike. With its unparalleled reputation for top-quality bikes and accessories, Husqvarna continues to lead the industry, pushing the boundaries of design innovation. Today, we delve into the exciting realm of Husqvarna graphics, exploring the top five designs that are setting the trend in 2023, along with some impressive Kawasaki graphics that have taken the motocross world by storm. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to experience Factory Decals’ remarkable graphic designs that redefine the game!

  1. The Electric Edge – Husqvarna Volt

Embracing the environmentally-friendly wave of electric vehicles, Husqvarna introduces the Volt graphics, resonating with futuristic vibes. The sleek and minimalistic design reflects the essence of electric power while maintaining the brand’s iconic style. A blend of vibrant electric blue and sharp black lines creates a mesmerizing contrast that truly stands out on the track. Embodying innovation and sustainability, the Volt design speaks to eco-conscious riders seeking to make a bold statement both on and off the track.

  1. Heritage Revived – Husqvarna Vintage

Husqvarna has a rich history in motocross, and the Vintage graphics pay homage to the brand’s iconic legacy. Drawing inspiration from the timeless designs of yesteryears, this graphics kit combines vintage typography and classic color palettes to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The Vintage design appeals to riders who value the heritage of the sport and wish to showcase their passion for the golden era of motocross.

  1. Cosmic Adventure – Husqvarna Galactic

For riders who crave a cosmic adventure, the Galactic graphics cater to their astral ambitions. Inspired by the beauty of the cosmos, this design features interstellar hues of deep purple, cosmic blue, and shimmering silver. Abstract elements, such as shooting stars and nebula patterns, create an otherworldly appearance that is truly out of this world. Husqvarna’s Galactic graphics bring a touch of magic to the racetrack, captivating the imagination of both competitors and spectators alike.

  1. Camo Fusion – Husqvarna Stealth

Embracing the art of camouflage, the Stealth graphics blend seamlessly with the bike, making it visually stealthy on the track. Designed for those who prefer a subtle yet striking appearance, the Stealth graphics kit uses a combination of matte black and dark gray shades, with hidden pops of color for a touch of intrigue. This design speaks to riders who prefer to let their skills do the talking, allowing them to blend effortlessly into the surroundings while dominating the competition.

  1. Neon Rush – Husqvarna Luminous

In a sport that thrives on adrenaline and high-octane action, the Luminous graphics kit ensures riders stand out like beacons of light. With neon colors that pop under both daylight and stadium lights, this design captures the essence of pure speed and energy. The bold neon green, vibrant orange, and radiant yellow create an electrifying visual effect, leaving a lasting impression on every spectator. The Luminous design symbolizes the spirit of modern motocross – bold, daring, and unapologetically vibrant.

Kawasaki Graphics – Striking Visuals from Factory Decals

Not to be outdone, Factory Decals has also introduced a stunning lineup of Kawasaki graphics, proving their versatility in catering to different brands. From the fierce Kawasaki Inferno to the dynamic Kawasaki Nitro, the brand’s graphics kits redefine Kawasaki’s aesthetics, ensuring that every rider finds their perfect match.


In the ever-competitive world of motocross graphics, Factory Decals continues to redefine the boundaries of design innovation, offering an impressive range of Husqvarna and Kawasaki graphics in 2023. From embracing electric power to channeling cosmic adventures, Factory Decals’ graphics kits capture the spirit of the sport and empower riders to express their individuality on the track. Whether you are a fan of vintage charm or neon energy, Factory Decals has a design that perfectly matches your style and personality. So, saddle up and let your Husqvarna or Kawasaki bike speak volumes with these top five trendsetting graphic designs!

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