TOP 5 Short Films of the Year 2021

Just like any other year, 2021 also came up with a number of short film releases. Hundreds of short films, from all over the world were released on several platforms. Short films are always full of great content, talented new actors, and loads of creative approach to the execution of the idea. While these are highly underrated and not very popular among the common audience, we have come up with short films that you can watch and appreciate. Choosing among hundreds of short films is not an easy task, and a helping hand is always appreciated so here we bring you top 5 short films of the year 2021.


Starting our list with the best is “TWO DISTANT STRANGERS “. This short film won the Oscar in ‘The best live action film’ category. The thrilling plot revolves around a man who is trying to get to his dog. Two Distant Strangers is directed, and written by MARTIN DESMOND & TRAVON FREE. Two distant strangers has the star rating of 6.9 on IMDB. Well, everybody hates it when they are interrupted while watching something. We are often interrupter by slow streaming or ads in between. 

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On the number two of our top 5 list comes “IF ANYTHING HAPPENS, I LOVE YOU”. This is an animated short film written and directed by Will MCcarth and Michael Govier. The plot revolves around two parents grieving their lost child. ‘IAHILY’ is a drama film and could make your eyes drop a few tears. This animated short film won the Oscar award in the ‘ The best animated short film’ category. It is short but will have you in tears. 


Happy Anniversary comes third on our list. Directed and written by Deangelo Bethea, its plot revolves around two people who met each other unexpectedly in a surprising time of their life. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY is not just about two broken hearted people but also about being able to find love after a devastating heartbreak. It is all about how life surprises you in different ways, and when you think your life is about to end and that there is nothing good to it, you find someone, or something worth living for. 


Second last on our top 5 list is “THE FIX”. Directed and written by Glem Robert Ford, the story is about a guy named Marcus. Marcus’s normal life is suddenly challenged by struggles, and he finds out whatever he knew about life applies no more. He once had everything, but after a tragic loss in his family Marcus turns to drugs and struggles with addiction. His only hope left in this world is his best friend Bobby. The short drama teaches us a lot about life, which takes THE FIX successfully to scoring 10 stars rating on Imdb.


The last short film on our top 5 short films of 2021 list is THE BROKEN EXCHANGE UNCODED. This is a story of the fourteen-year-old girl Carla. Carla’s father is a mayor and her mother is a special agent. One day out of nowhere Carla goes missing. The story revolves around her parents’ struggle to find her, trying to save her from a human trafficking ring and bringing her home safe. The short film could make us stop blinking. Broken Exchanged Uncoded is written and directed by SHARRIE McCain, and the short film claims 10 stars rating on Imdb. The film is worth watching because of all the action and suspense that keeps your fingers crossed. 

There are multiple forms of art and short films are the most underrated form when it comes to TV. While we do watch documentaries, movies, and TV shows, short films are the most ignored ones. Here we appreciate short films because they are great to watch, have a good storyline, and should get more appreciation because they require as much hard work as any other form of media arts. Among hundreds of short films, the above ones are a must watch. It is surprising to see the global pandemic failed to effect the quality of content in these films, and it has taken our hopes higher from the upcoming movies of 2022.

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